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"I love photographs that move and speak to your heart....they are your life in motion.

I would be honored to Capture a little part of your Life Story." 


where do I begin.....
Tuesday, January 02, 2018
By Melissa Briggs Photography
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I mean really???!!!!

Where the Heck do I begin? I am going to try and keep this short, as short as I can...

I had every intention to "keep" up with my blogging...I have had a few people reach out to me.....wandering WHERE the heck are my blogs and why am I not posting my juices, clean healthy food, encouraging quotes, lifestyle and photography, my thoughts? They have missed it. WHAT??!!! Well shucks, I must admit that hearing that makes me feel all warm inside. awww you missed my thoughts and 'stuff" xoxo back at ya!!

So, with just a FEW excuses and then we can move on, I promise! So much has happened that I cant even remember it all!  ONE....UHmmmm we were looking for a new home and TWO.... uhmmmmmmm we were looking for a new home after 13 years!!! lol! Its so hard y'all, like really hard! BUT we found one and not just one...but THE one! Then it was packing and moving and all the LIFE stuff that fills everything UP! 

My heart hurts for friends and family that I missed out on seeing as much, because of the madness! SO many times it would be..."hey can you meet for coffee or lunch?" and I was always saying "No, I cant we are going to look at a house or I have to take the boys here or there or Im getting paperwork for the house."  UGGGGG! I just hope all of you can forgive me and know how much I love and care for you!

Todd and I are STILL pinching ourselves as we walk in our new home, its so lovely. The neighborhood, the people, the SCHOOL and teachers! God answered all our prayers, it may not have been in our timing, but His plan/timing is always good. I wish I could say that the "whole" time I was stress free and leaning into his promises and knowing that we truly are in his hands, but when it started getting to crunch time and we were in the middle of wakeboard nationals...far away from home dealing with house stuff and not knowing where we would end up, what school etc....OH MY GOSH! It was tough! But, I'm so blessed to have such amazing friends and family that stood by me and reminded me to stay calm and rest in knowing that God has it, and he sure did and does...always. We moved in September and still painting and decorating our new home...taking our time :)

September was also a big month for me because it was my 1 year anniversary of starting my own Skincare business with Rodan and Fields! It has been waaaaaaay more then I thought it was going to be. It has stretched me, taken me out of my comfort zone, caused me to face some fears...some I didn't even realize I had. IT has shown me "I can DO it" It is possible to work towards dreams I have had in my heart. Some financial freedom...ya know extra cash, helping contribute to my family, paying bills, saving, and giving. The coolest thing is, the opportunity is there and I can make it more as I am ready. What I put in, is what I will see in my check. I will be sharing victories and struggles here.:) that should be some good stuff!

As the past few years have involved some stress for me, I let it get the best of me! I began slacking BIG time with my juicing and my workouts! Soooo not good, for my energy and attitude! LORD help me! I'm learning to not be too hard on myself and realize I am not as young as I use to be...what??!!  Did I REALLY just say that??!! OH my gosh....its so true though! It's not as easy...to keep up the "looking good " part! LOL! But ya know, its more about the "feel good" part! Taking care of your body, eating as clean as you can, having quiet time, moving your body (I mean more then just walking the dog)......YOU FEEL better AND when you FEEL better....friend, YOU LOOK better! 

No excuses - I have a new running partner named SCOUT! He is a Golden-Doodle and Him is berry berry FAST! He was the sweetest gift ever from a friend and came at just the perfect time! Loosing our Mister Buddy was so very hard for us! Scout has been a FUN and loving addition to our family.

As I think about these past few years and get ready for a NEW year.....I have excitement! 


I want to be mindful with ALL that I do....

MINDFUL in....

~the time I spend in HIS word

~family time

~friend time

~the schedule of my day and week

~my business hours 

~ me time, writing and singing

~ my body...clean food, juicing and moving

~my words and actions

Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, Oh Lord, my rock and my redeemer. 

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God that transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. 


Looking forward to keeping in touch on here with all stuff that I dig!!

Wishing you a year full of LOVE, Peace, and growth ;)



Creating your Journey
Monday, May 15, 2017
By Melissa Briggs Photography
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HELLO friends!!!

It has been a while since I have blogged and YES I am still doing photography and eating pretty healthy...not juicing as much , because my juicer broke!! :( But I still have a ton to share on all that... as well as some new health things AND my New business with Rodan and Fields! I have been meaning to blog about this new venture and well, now Im ready to share all that I have been through on this new journey and all that I am anticipating it to be!!

So, please stay tuned as I share a little bit about what has been happening and what will be happening!

One thing is that I love photography and I love being able to make others feel confident in themselves. I specialize in Seniors and they really have always been my favorite...why? Because I get one on one time with them as they begin their new journey! One of the most common requests is "Can you please cover up my acne?" My response is always "Yes, please don't worry about it and while we are on the photo shoot, your job is to act like it doesn't exist! Because I promise you it won't!"

I struggled with acne in my high school years and I know what it feels like....Now I have the opportunity to share the NUMBER 1 skincare in ALL of North America and one of our regimens is UNBLEMISH for acne! Now I get to offer this amazing skincare to these sweet seniors and maybe the next photo shoot they have...this will not be a request for them.


I have TONS more to share, but that is just a peek into my blog that will be up this week!

Many of you know that my Logo and my Saying for my photography is "Capturing your life story"....now I get to add "Creating your own Journey"...I can't wait to tell you what all I mean behind that ;)


is the suspense killing ya??

hee heee





Boy or Girl????
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
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This was such an exciting photo shoot! I was thrilled to do pictures for this sweet family again and to have the chance to be a little part of their journey. I met them in a little field of bluebonnets. Just before they arrived I had a little surprise myself, only it was NOT the kind you like! I was standing there, literally STANDING there waiting for them, when I stepped onto the concrete path and BAM!! My camera just fell off the strap! YEAH! I was in shock...mouth down to the ground as I picked that up and my camera....I just sang into the ground and sat there holding it in shock! The hood literally saved my lens! It was cracked, but the lens was and is ok! My heart was racing, luckily everything seemed to work ok and we went on with the shoot. So far so good!  However, I will be getting a new strap!


Will these balloons be PINK or BLUE?????

Can't Wait to open the box!!!!!

"DO you See what I see???"

Dad can't believe it!


He guessed BOY, but I think he will do just fine with a girl! Look at this precious picture below! ;)


I just love this new little scrunched up face he does, so CUTE!


                               "A love so deep and so strong...soon to grow even more. Its amazing how much love our hearts can hold!"



    So excited for you! You are glowing!!!

Thursday, April 07, 2016
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LoVe, it is simply what we are called to do....Love. 

"Do everything in Love." 1st Corinthains 16:14


Friends and family came together to "loVe" on our friends Alli & Matt a few months ago. Alli & Matt are adopting and you may not know, but it takes more than just an open heart and an uncondtional love ready to give...but it can be very expensive.

The benefit was held at Springdale Farms, what a beautiful place to have an event such as this! You must check it out! You may want to go to the farmers market or simply stroll around and take in the organic crops in all its beauty. This is also where Edens East is located...I am certain it is delicious...everything comes from the farm! Farm to table style BABY!

The day of the benefit many of us came together and had yummy food and drinks, booths with local artist, a band and fun raffles. I had a little booth called Love Snaps and all the proceeds went towards their adoption.

If you would like to book a session, please call me, because from now until they adopt, a portion of the session fee will go towards Alli & Matt. If you would like to simply make a donation please contact me through my website.


I am asking you to go in prayer with me for this couple as the waiting, unknown, and longing in their hearts stirs, it can be so overwhelming at times....as they await for their precious child. 


Thank you!


In His love,










Sum Sum
Thursday, April 07, 2016
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Oh my sweet Sum~Sum!!! Meet my beautiful niece, Summer!




Our family was in Florida for Spring Break, visiting familiy so I was able to take her senior pictures!!

We had such a fun time hanging out and visiting while I snapped away. I had fun on our adventure...and luckily my car started...OR that would have been a whole other adventure!!!! Downtown Lake is a cute little town and I could have stayed there shooting even longer, but I'm so happy that Summer wanted to take me to one of her favorite spots in nature. It was beautiful! 

The very first picture I ever took of this sweet girl was the weekend I met her, November 2001!!


 Just Precious, right??!!


And now she is all grown up!







Aww Summer....Love you dearly! I am so happy it worked out and I was able to hang with you that day, even if I had my time wrong and missed my "SUNKISSED" lighting! grrrr! Dang time change!! I think we still managed to get some pretty sweet shots though. 


In His Love,


"Always keep your fun loving personality and sweet smiles beaming!" xoxo

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