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"I love photographs that move and speak to your heart....they are your life in motion.

I would be honored to Capture a little part of your Life Story." 


Boy or Girl????
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
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This was such an exciting photo shoot! I was thrilled to do pictures for this sweet family again and to have the chance to be a little part of their journey. I met them in a little field of bluebonnets. Just before they arrived I had a little surprise myself, only it was NOT the kind you like! I was standing there, literally STANDING there waiting for them, when I stepped onto the concrete path and BAM!! My camera just fell off the strap! YEAH! I was in shock...mouth down to the ground as I picked that up and my camera....I just sang into the ground and sat there holding it in shock! The hood literally saved my lens! It was cracked, but the lens was and is ok! My heart was racing, luckily everything seemed to work ok and we went on with the shoot. So far so good!  However, I will be getting a new strap!


Will these balloons be PINK or BLUE?????

Can't Wait to open the box!!!!!

"DO you See what I see???"

Dad can't believe it!


He guessed BOY, but I think he will do just fine with a girl! Look at this precious picture below! ;)


I just love this new little scrunched up face he does, so CUTE!


                               "A love so deep and so strong...soon to grow even more. Its amazing how much love our hearts can hold!"



    So excited for you! You are glowing!!!

Thursday, April 07, 2016
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LoVe, it is simply what we are called to do....Love. 

"Do everything in Love." 1st Corinthains 16:14


Friends and family came together to "loVe" on our friends Alli & Matt a few months ago. Alli & Matt are adopting and you may not know, but it takes more than just an open heart and an uncondtional love ready to give...but it can be very expensive.

The benefit was held at Springdale Farms, what a beautiful place to have an event such as this! You must check it out! You may want to go to the farmers market or simply stroll around and take in the organic crops in all its beauty. This is also where Edens East is located...I am certain it is delicious...everything comes from the farm! Farm to table style BABY!

The day of the benefit many of us came together and had yummy food and drinks, booths with local artist, a band and fun raffles. I had a little booth called Love Snaps and all the proceeds went towards their adoption.

If you would like to book a session, please call me, because from now until they adopt, a portion of the session fee will go towards Alli & Matt. If you would like to simply make a donation please contact me through my website.


I am asking you to go in prayer with me for this couple as the waiting, unknown, and longing in their hearts stirs, it can be so overwhelming at times....as they await for their precious child. 


Thank you!


In His love,










Sum Sum
Thursday, April 07, 2016
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Oh my sweet Sum~Sum!!! Meet my beautiful niece, Summer!




Our family was in Florida for Spring Break, visiting familiy so I was able to take her senior pictures!!

We had such a fun time hanging out and visiting while I snapped away. I had fun on our adventure...and luckily my car started...OR that would have been a whole other adventure!!!! Downtown Lake is a cute little town and I could have stayed there shooting even longer, but I'm so happy that Summer wanted to take me to one of her favorite spots in nature. It was beautiful! 

The very first picture I ever took of this sweet girl was the weekend I met her, November 2001!!


 Just Precious, right??!!


And now she is all grown up!







Aww Summer....Love you dearly! I am so happy it worked out and I was able to hang with you that day, even if I had my time wrong and missed my "SUNKISSED" lighting! grrrr! Dang time change!! I think we still managed to get some pretty sweet shots though. 


In His Love,


"Always keep your fun loving personality and sweet smiles beaming!" xoxo

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Bunnies & Jesus
Monday, March 21, 2016
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Yes, BUNNIES are so cute, cuddly, warm your heart and uhhmmm even fullfill your sweet tooth...BUT JESUS is so much sweeter and fills your heart with a kind of love only he can give. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life." We love because He first loved us. 

Easter is really my favorite holiday, because it's all about what Jesus did for you and me. God coming down in flesh to live on this earth as a perfect human and carrying the sin of the world on his shoulders. He suffered so that we may have new life and be with Him in eternity. What Amazing Love, Mercy & Grace!!!!

Throughout the years I have done some really fun things with my boys and even got neighbors involved. I have so many precious memories of them riding their big wheels or pulling a wagon of some sort down the street to knock on the doors. They would ask for specific items to complete our Easter Garden and then they would tell them what Easter was all about! As their "cute little" legs are now "cute and LONG", I want to add new activities, meals and gifts for others to enjoy as we go over Holy week, the week leading into Jesus dying on the cross, but then celebrating 3 days after as we will all say, "He is Alive and He is Risen Indeed!"

I have shared some of our fun traditions in the past along with pictures, but it was on a daily basis. This year I want to let you in on what we will be doing each day and maybe you can plan to join in with us! ;)

I know, I am 2 days behind, but lastnight just as I sat down to blog....my sweet Gabe came in with a request. He wanted me to sew brown rings around the eyes of a purple stuffed pig, a cape with an "M" on it, and some brown spots on the belly! Mommas work is never done :) I said "Of course I will!" Happy that he still trusts me to sew something, considering I sewed a pair of PJS for him one time that had no room for a little butt....nah just two legs! The pattern was adorable though! We laughed SO hard....till we had tears. You may not know, but I am a horrible seamstress and I had been pulling weeds and gardening pretty much all day. My 41 year old fingers were feeling it, yeah I totally just admitted that....what is wrong with ME??!! For real though, I could NOT believe how badly they hurt! Pictures to come of all my hard work! ;) 


Below is an out line of each day. I found a few things on Pinterest, blogs over the years and even added some of my own ideas!

We will be reading some from "Jesus Storybook Bible",  The Action Bible, and the verses we will read from Gabes bible.


Sunday - Palm Sunday (The Action Bible)

Mark 11:1-11 & Luke 19:28-44

CRAFT: Take Green Construction paper and cut several out to hang in the hallway

SOng: Jam out to HOSANA by HIllsong

Memory Verse: Mark 11:9


Monday - Jesus Overturns the Tables in the Temple (The Action Bible)

Mark 11:12-17

Breakfast: Pancakes in the shapes of coins

Memory Verse: Mark 11:17


Tuesday - Washed with Tears (Jesus Storybook Bible)

Mark 14, Luke 7, & John 12

Craft: Collect rocks and write different sins on them to place in a basket Easter Morning the basket will have a red cloth over it with a sign that says JESUS! I will have something sweet in there for the boys)

We will also draw a red dot in the palm of our hands with our initals, this will be to remind us of the blood Jesus shed for our sins.


Wednesday - Servant King (Jesus Story Book Bible)

John 13:1-17

Activity: We will be washing each others feet

We will be delivering chocolate bunnies to a few friends with a note that says " Some Bunny loves you more and its Jesus!" :)


Thursday - Commuion, Jesus in the Grden, Judas Betrayal (The Action Bible)

Mark 14:17-26, 32-35, 43-50 & Luke 22:14-23, 39-53

Activities/Craft - Make praying hands and write a prayer on each of them, we will also talk about how Jeus wept in the Garden and his arrest. We will read in the dark too!

We will have a Last Supper as a Family and talk about what it must have been like for Jesus and his disciples that night.  

Memory Verse: Luke 22:42


Friday - The Cross 

Breakfast: Cross bread

Mark 15:16-39 & Luke 23:26-49

Memory Verse: Luke 23:34 

Song: When I survey the Cross

Activity: A big red cloth that we will rip down the middle. This represnts the blood shed by Jesus so that we will be able to have a realtionship with God as the curtain was split! We will take a white carnation and place it in a vase with red food coloring and watch in the next few days how the white carnation takes on the red color. We will discuss how Jesus paid the debt of our sin, so that we may be clean in Gods sight. Our sins are forgiven when we accpet Jesus as our Savior and believe that he is our one true Savior!


Saturday - Laid in the Tomb

Mark 15:42-47 & Luke 23:50-56

Memory Verse: Luke23:51

Breakfast: 1/2 a donut to look like a tomb.


Sunday - Resurrection

Luke 24:1-12

Memory Verse: Luke 24:6

Song: He Lives


I would love to hear any of your ideas & traditions that you do with your family, please share with us!

I will post some as we go along this week, but for now here are a few from years past and one from this morning with our coin pancakes!



                                                                             "Oh and there is that Purple pig!"




In His lOve,


Inside & Out
Tuesday, February 02, 2016
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Ahhhhhh I am so STOKED to have an area within my website to discuss clean food and clean bodies. I want to share with you things I have learned and things I am learning! 

I feel SO wonderful when I eat clean and move my body! You will GLOW  from the inside out. It's not just what you eat and its not just how you move, but it is also what you put in your heart and mind. 


Jorney along with me as I share fitness & eating tips as well as how to GLOW from the inside out. I cant wait to hear your ideas too!


I came across this quote by Pastor Rick Warren on Pinterest and I.JUST.LOVE.IT.

"God created it. Jesus died for it. The spirit lives in it. I'd better take care of it." - Pastor Rick Warren

I need a tank that says this....need, not want....need! :)


Get your GLOW on friends,


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